Frequently Asked Questions

1. As I watched some movies on your website and I can tell these are powerful stories but I still don’t know how these movies can be used. Could you please tell me the examples of the use of these movies?

Stories provide a voice to all those seldom heard, in the case of health, education, social issues, foster care, immigration, this information can be used to bring the client into the room as decisions are being made. This provides a greater understanding of the issues faced by the client. They become a teaching tool for staff and management alike and at the same time validate the client experience and healing follows.

As a business tool, stories are a great way to both inform your clients of the work you do and to celebrate the work you do by hearing the voice of your client for use in your boardroom or to have running in your reception area.

In the classroom, stories are a way to have history come alive. Digital Storytelling is proving to be a very effective tool in classrooms. The students were excited with this project and were very proud of the job they had done when we had the showing.

2. My parents anniversary is coming in couple days, however, I cannot find a good gift for them. Then, I came to your website and the movie of my parents’ story would be a wonderful gift. Yes I am a last minutes person. How many days does it take to get the production completed? And how much is the price?

A personal story of a couple’s life together does make a great gift. We can work with your timeline. Our firm does not keep regular business hours. We will do everything we can to make your “perfect gift” happen.

The price varies by the length of the story and if you want original music.
They have ranged from a few hundred dollars up. It all depends on your needs.

3. What is the difference between documentary and digital storytelling?

Both these forms of societal documentation focus on providing a voice to our community. The versatility and cost of digital storytelling is what makes the difference. We use, the narrative, video and / or images and music to develop a story that speaks to the heart. Digital stories are stories told by you. Due to the length of digital stories we guide the storyteller to core of the piece which makes it economical for both money and time.

4. We are having a wedding soon. I have seen powerpoint presentations at my friends weddings. Well…These are so generic, and we would like to have more original one. Can we use a digital story of our history instead of boring powerpoint?

Yes, and these stories will be as unique as the couple themselves.

5. I am a school teacher and am interested in using digital storytelling in class room. Do you have any experience of working with school? If so, could you give me some suggestions of the use of digital storytelling in classroom?

We  have experience in the classroom. This is another area that storytelling shines as the students document their experiences, their creativity explodes.

It is also a way to make history, language and science come to life.
Digital stories are normally 3-5 minutes so they fit perfectly into presentations and leaves lots of time for discussion in class.

6. I work at Non Profit Organization, and I think digital storytelling could be a powerful tool for spreading our organization’s activism. My organization’s budget is tight. Could you work with us even our budget is tight??

I do believe you will find our people very understanding and versatile to work with. We will find a way to make your mission our mission.

7. Regarding final production, what kind of format can I get?

We work with High Definition Video and equipment that will produce a high quality final product. When working with old photos you must remember that although we can’t make them look new, we will make them as clear as possible.

We provide the client with DVDs for the family and these stories can be produced in WMV to fit into Power-Point presentations, loaded onto the internet, facebook or in Quicktime format.

8. What kind of process do you have for making a digital story?

The process changes with the client’s needs. The pre-production consists of meeting with the storyteller wherever is going to be most comfortable for them. As the story develops we gather images, do the voiceover, develop the music and then our people go into production.

9. I am ashamed to say it, but I am a horrible writer/storyteller, and have no confidence to tell a good story. I have it in my head but I don’t think I can get it on paper. Can you help me do this?

We certainly can help. We listen and will guide you through the process.
The story you end with will be one that you had in your head and heart.

10. It is a bit awkward, yet I am planning my own funeral. I am thinking of making a story of celebration of my life. I want to leave it to my children and their families. Do you have any advice?

Just to contact us. Your story could be done in many different ways. We will guide you through the process of either your history to leave as a legacy or sharing your personal thoughts to leave for your family. Hearing and seeing your story in your own words is an extra special gift.

11. I am single and my dog is my family. I would like to make a digital story of my dog. She is a huge part of my life and I would like to share our story with my friends. Have you ever made the digital story of a pet?

As a matter of fact we have. Family comes in many forms and stories do as well. We can help you tell the story of your family whether it is a large group or a pet. Our staff are huge animal people. Our pets are part of our families too.