Use of Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling unites the ancient art of storytelling with technology to create personal stories that are used to inform and enlighten our greater community.

Digital stories are usually three to eight minutes. Nextep Consulting works with the client to find the core of the story that is then woven together with  narrative, music, and images to create a tale that speaks to the heart. Nextep Consulting helps empower your organization or company through Digital Storytelling. These are some examples of the work we have done.

The voice of the customer…………. Most of us think of customers exclusively in terms of business but we are all customers. We are customers of our educational systems, our healthcare system, our justice system and our social systems.

We need to learn from our customers in order to make our work more effective. We currently gather this information through surveys but as valuable as these numbers are, they only tell part of the story.

There is a great deal of value that comes from documenting your customers story whether in business, social agencies or government.

These stories are used to train staff. They create greater understanding of issues customers and staff deal with each day.



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