What we do

Digital stories are short personally told stories that combine the personal narrative, video, images and music to tell your story. They are produced in video format and are perfect for use on your website, for presentation or looped to play continually in a waiting room or at trade shows.
These stories are used to document our history and to create Legacy videos for your family. As well as “hearing the voice of your customer” for corporations training and website use.
We document and share your passion for your business, whether business or non-profits, we share what brings you to work each day.

Our Nextep team creates interesting and creative videos for wedding, special events and memorials. We guide you to make these stories as original as you are. These stories are all as exciting, honest and touching as real life itself is. Whether your needs are testimonials for your website or convention, or capturing your grandparents history for your children and grandchildren to enjoy, our team can help.
We have the skill, creativity and understanding to do the job you need. WE HELP YOU SHARE YOUR STORY.