Our Mission

Our team works with both the client and storyteller to get to the core of the story.

To bring forward the issue in an honest and respectful manner finding the story that tells the much larger story. These stories are produced in a digital format using the spoken word, images, and music and  are used to give a glimpse
into the issues people face everyday. To capture stories in an effective and economical manner, that would otherwise be lost or never heard at all.

We document the VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER whether for celebration of great work done or for training purposes. The same care and respect is taken when guiding the storyteller to find the right words, images and music that will share their story simply and honestly in a digital video format. These DVDs are perfect to use at your convenience for training staff, as testimonials during conventions and for policy development. We also provide WMV format that fit perfectly into power point presentations.

We document the celebration of life whether that is in the form of memorials, weddings, special anniversaries or birthdays. We help the client find the right words, images and music to tell the story they want to share. These are then produced in a DVD format that can be shared on the large screen and kept as a family treasure.

What sets us apart is the care we take with each story. From the skilled team of interviewers to the editing and on-staff composer, documenting the story for your needs is our mission.